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Introducing CS Flex Service Assurance Model

Change Specialists Flex Service (CS Flex) enables you to buy in professional change capability when and where you need it. More flexible, dynamic and cost-effective than traditional approaches to IT & Business change management and delivery. One of the most important aspects of CS Flex, for Clients and Service Providers alike, is our Service Assurance model.

Unlike recruitment agencies and umbrella companies, Change Specialists is committed to supporting all parties. Ensuring that Services are delivered in a way that meets everyone’s expectations. The Service Assurance model enables this.

Why Service Assurance is so important?

CS Flex is designed to bring together Clients and Service Providers to satisfy specific needs. These needs are defined clearly in the Statement of Services which forms the basis of the contractual agreements both between CS Flex and the Client, and between CS Flex and the Service Provider.

While the Statement of Services provide a clear definition of what is to be delivered, CS Flex also provides clear guidelines on the level of professionalism and value add with which we expect the service to be delivered. Service Assurance ensures that both the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ are in line with expectation.

How it works

From the very start of the Service delivery, quality assurance tracking is carried out to ensure that all is in order.

Initial checks, done just one week into the Service, ensure that the basic building blocks are in place to enable a successful delivery. This might cover anything from the provision of security passes to the availability of key individuals.

After one month, we send a survey to the Client to ensure that Service Provider is engaging with the Client in the way that we would expect. Feedback from the Client is then shared with the Service Provider and any suggested improvement actions are identified.

Three months later, and then on a recurring basis, we conduct further surveys. These are to explore the Service Delivery in more detail, looking more closely at the specific deliverables of the Service. Input is sought from both the Service Provider and the Client, to ensure both parties have a common perspective on the state of play. Where differing views emerge, we work with both parties to identify any improvement activities which might be required.

Project Management Quality Assurance Benefits for Our Clients

Our unique Service Assurance model provides multiple benefits for our Clients:

  • Re-assurance that Change Specialists is taking steps to ensure the quality of the Service;
  • An opportunity to raise concerns in an objective and non-threatening way;
  • Insights from Change Specialists’ team of experts in how improvements might be made both to the specific Service and to the Client’s wider Change capabilities;
  • Increased understanding within Change Specialists of the Client’s culture, values and environment. This deepens our relationship and helps us to provide exactly the right capabilities for future Services;
  • Confirmation that Services are being provided in a way which fully satisfies the requirements of IR35.

What difference would CS Flex make for you? Contact the Change Specialists today to discuss Project Management Quality Assurance .

Project Management Quality Assurance from Change Specialists