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Making a good hire is hard at the best of times. In a tough economic climate, it can be even more challenging. With talent shortages escalating and the balance of where work gets done in the post-pandemic world evolving rapidly, businesses need a new way of finding expert skill sets for permanent hires. At Change Specialists, we have all of the inhouse expertise and experience necessary to ensure that your business is able to successfully navigate the new landscape and engage the talent you need in next to no time at all.

Capabilities available include:

How CS Fixed Works

We introduced our CS Fixed solution to provide expert skill sets for Permanent and fixed term contract hire in the IT & Change space. With over a decade of experience of identifying the best in class when it comes to a range of specialist roles, our exacting process allows us to connect businesses with quality talent wherever it is needed.

By taking the time to understand the specific requirements that a business has, as well as any preferred recruitment processes, Change Specialists is able to leverage its extensive network to recommend a series of options to produce a shortlist of candidates.

Once a shortlist has been provided, our teams conduct interviews to ensure the overall process is as efficient as possible. With a firm focus on quality and speed, our teams also provide ongoing and transparent communication to remain committed to business objectives.
Ultimately, by using CS Fixed, businesses have access to the following benefits;

Resource Campaign Management

Working with you to fully understand your requirements and organisation, our team is committed to representing and promoting your organisation positively. We appreciate that one size doesn’t fit all, which is why we tailor our service to meet your needs and align with your culture. To achieve this outcome, we perform as partners when it comes to creating requirement specifications and role descriptions, as well as advising on prevailing market rates and realistic timelines required to secure the best talent. As with all of our services, we act with integrity and professionalism throughout the entire process.

One Dedicated Point of Contact

Unlike recruitment firms where the focus is typically on quantity and volume, rather than quality, one of our experienced Account Managers will work closely with you on a day to day basis, utilising the extensive and diverse experience within the wider Change Specialists network, all experts in IT & Business programme and change delivery. You can depend on our Account Managers to get results. 

Regular Progress Reporting

We agree on a timeline with you at the outset – and we stick to it. We know that regular communication is key, which is why we agree on weekly touchpoints when partnering on active open requirements.

Meeting Potential Candidates

If required, we can offer advice and guidance on structuring a meeting with shortlisted candidates, providing details around the best kinds of questions to ask. Our expertise and insight will support you in selecting and securing the resource that best meets your requirements. Specifically, we’ll ensure that you have a diverse range of candidates to consider who are all well-suited for your programme of work and business. All meetings are organised to fit with your schedule and post-meeting feedback is also provided.  

Personality Profiling

Meetings are a great way to hear from shortlisted candidates to understand their skillset, previous experience, and communications skills. For some senior appointments, personality profiling can provide a deeper insight into areas of strength and weaknesses. We may recommend this tool at the final stage meeting and can provide and manage this assessment for you. Feel free to speak to your Account Manager to discuss whether personality profiling might add value to your selection decision.