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Putting a Powerful Change Management Consultancy in Your Hands

In addition to our CS Flex, CS Fixed, and CS Delivery solutions, we’re also capable of performing in the capacity of a change management consultancy. Drawing on our extensive experience in delivering IT, business, and cultural change, our teams have all of the knowledge necessary to provide results-driven advice. With an eye to actions and strategy, our teams are able to provide comprehensive project health checks as well as project rescues wherever needed. In addition to these vital services, our consultancy offering can also be extended to executive team mentoring or a full blueprint for change.

How does change management consultancy work?

Typically, our consultancy services are provided over the course of a fortnight or month. A highly bespoke process, the service is carried out by exactly the right kind of experts that meet the scope of the work. By taking a brief from key stakeholders, and delivering findings that are discovered in the interim, our consultancy is concluded with a final report that is replete with actionable recommendations.

Independent and objective, our change management consultancy can be structured around a full health check of your change process, or a review of your programme and project. Similarly, we invite clients to submit their existing plans for a constructive critique which will allow them to make powerful enhancements. We can also provide comprehensive supplier reviews and guidance around your team structure and governance procedures.

Bringing fresh skill sets to your business, our consultancy teams will support your efforts to maximise growth, improve overall performance, and enhance the people skills and motivation within your teams. Upon completion, it is possible to retain Change Specialists on an ongoing basis, or transition to a blend of our other services to ensure ongoing success.

We advise on how to manage and implement all aspects of business change, including:

How do you benefit?

Question advice illustration


that is realistic and actionable. We get under the skin of your business and only offer advice that we know will work for you.

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based on evidence and informed insights. Our consultants draw on their experience and knowledge to help you steer a path to high-quality results.

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that responds and adapts to your constraints and drivers. We listen, collaborate, and shape delivery plans for smooth implementation and successful outcomes.

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we advise on challenges, provide support to individuals, and improve collaboration. This is accomplished through clear communication, motivation and accountability.

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based on our clear-sighted, practical advice. We give you the confidence to make high-quality, informed decisions about your change programme.

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that results in lasting benefits. We help you to ensure that change is embedded in your business and put the pieces in place for long-term success.