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Flexible Change Management Consultancy Services

Our CS Flex solution enables you to buy in professional IT & dependable business change capabilities when and where you need them most. With a highly flexible offering, our solution provides a competitively priced alternative to a typical change management consultancy.

Why Use a Change Management Consultancy?

Essential for any business that wants to remain competitive and adapt to the ever-changing economic climate, IT & business change management services are vital to success.

By offering these services in a flexible package, Change Specialists is able to help companies to effectively identify, plan, and implement changes that will increase the efficacy of their operations to increase efficiency and drive results.

Ultimately, CS Flex is the ideal solution if you want to retain control of your IT & business change programme, but recognise that you need extra capacity and expertise to achieve success.

Capabilities Available Include:

How does your business benefit from business transformation?

Your business stands to benefit from business transformation in a variety of ways. Specifically, it promises to increase your overall efficiency and productivity by improving the processes and technology that drive your operations. Helping to reduce costs and improve the level of service you provide, business transformation has been proven to greatly improve efficiency across organisations and enable teams to deliver an even greater standard of service. With CS Flex, we help to deliver these benefits with;

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CS Flex services can be purchased for an agreed number of days per week and flexed up and down at a month’s notice. Services can also be provided off or on site or in a hybrid way.

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You choose the specific capability you require. Purchasing capability also gives you access to Change Specialists’ comprehensive library of tools and artefacts.

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We regularly check standards of service being provided to ensure our high professional quality standards are being met. In order to effectively identify and resolve operational issues swiftly, it is imperative that this process is founded on clear communication between our teams and yours.

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You only need to purchase the services you need for as long as you need them. Rates are clear and competitive, and costs are known upfront.

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When used to complement your own change capacity, access to CS Flex expertise, knowledge base, tools and templates can aid speed to market.

What Sets Change Specialists Apart?

Unlike a traditional business transformation consultancy, Change Specialists implements the following strategies to ensure that the partnerships we form are geared for success:

  • Your Account Manager will oversee all requirements, leveraging the skills, network and knowledge of the entire CS team.
  • We take the time to understand your exact needs through detailed conversations with the relevant internal stakeholders. Soft skills, technical needs, cultural and team fit are also discussed as part of this process.
  • We carry out a 2-step selection process. Initial vetting is conducted by our Talent Management team & then by our Practice Director / Associate Directors / Delivery Managers who take the time to personally talk with all short-listed Service Providers.
  • Having extensive experience in all areas of change, our team quickly builds an understanding of a Service Provider, their experience, ability, motivations and their potential ‘fit’. Our relationships with our Service Providers often extends over many years, with multiple assignments with different organisations being fairly commonplace. This is mutual, with our Service Providers appreciating the relationships that they build with us.
  • As a standard we provide you with a qualified shortlist of 3 Service Providers per assignment with our insights, a profile/CV and our recommendation. This saves you time, meaning you focus on only capable, relevant validated Service Providers.
  • The CS talent pool is maintained and expanded on an ongoing basis – currently we have more than 4,000 change professionals on our books. Our teams support service providers and undertake careful service assurance work to provide an ongoing service management on your behalf
  • We take a proactive approach to Talent attraction that is targeted across multiple platforms, personal recommendations, and referrals.

CS Flex and IR35

Change Specialists provides the CS Flex service and while delivered by Service Providers, is no different to a legal firm, accountancy practice or other professional services firm.  Change Specialists are a professional services firm, which means that it is a Service Provider, and not an intermediary acting on behalf of workers. This means that IR35 does not apply to the end client.

CS Flex Success Stories

The following case studies provide examples of how CS Flex has previously enabled businesses to achieve their goals with intelligent transformations:

The Challenge We Needed to Overcome:

A client has embarked on moving to the Cloud (MS Azure). They are in the process of establishing the programme and have identified the need for some Specialist Business Analyst capability.

How CS Flex Provided the Solution:

  • High level Project Requirements with acceptance criteria – Senior Stakeholder management
  • Capturing Microsoft Partner requirements for Procurement tender process
  • Detailed technical requirements for AVS and Backup
  • Review applications in identified VM Clusters for migration (140 apps, 600 VMs) – investigate application owners, stakeholder management
  • Review 91 servers for decommissioning, reconfiguration – investigate application owners, stakeholder management
  • Support planning for phasing of migrations
  • Support test planning

The Challenge:

Client is in the process of Digitising their claims management processes to improve their agility and increase operational efficiency and are using a Project Management service to manage the delivery of a number of IT projects that includes the migration of a back book of data.

 How CS Flex Provided the Solution:

  • Responsible for delivering the projects, with authority and responsibility from the Project Board to run the project on a day-to-day basis
  • Define the scope of the initiative, own and manage project goals, risks, issues, assumptions, dependencies, financials and resources
  • Lead and support engagement with client
  • Escalate identified risks in accordance with internal governance processes and controls, creating a culture that continually probes, debates and identifies solutions for issues and risks
  • Work with PMO lead to ensure timely, accurate and informative reporting of all change initiatives
  • Own and resolve project risks and issues
  • Plan & allocate resources
  • Manage & control the project budgets

The Challenge:

A client is utilising Solution Architecture and technical implementation expertise to assist with the definition, planning and implementation of the solution.

How CS Flex Provided the Solution: 

  • Contribute to the detailed Business Case
  • Work with Infrastructure and Operations AD to define the target architecture and technical roadmap
  • Work with suppliers to provide guidance on technical implementations
  • Provide technical requirements for the programme
  • Define the ‘As Is’ hosting requirements for the programme
  • Define the ‘To Be’ hosting & network architecture ahead of the AVS Partner engagement
  • Assure Partner(s) architecture designs and technical specifications

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