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How To Attract and Retain Best In Class IT Resource

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape it is a challenge to attract and retain best in class IT resource.

This blog post, will explore the significance of nurturing talent in a competitive job market. We also discuss strategies that busy CIOs and CTOs can employ to overcome this challenge.

As reported in our Labour Market update, the demand for IT professionals with specialist skills is on the rise. A good example is Software Engineering roles, such as Salesforce Developers, which have moved up 140 places for Permanent hires and 67 places for contract hires in the demand ranking over the last six months. This is resulting in a highly competitive job market, and higher basic salaries and pay rates. This scarcity of skilled IT talent poses a considerable hurdle for CIOs and CTOs in attracting and retaining top-tier professionals.

To address this challenge, CIOs and CTOs must adopt a strategic approach to building and maintaining a capable team.

Here are a few thoughts to consider

  • Establishing a compelling employer brand is crucial in today’s competitive market.  Highlighting the company’s commitment to innovation, professional development opportunities, work-life balance, and unique projects goes a long way in attracting talented individuals seeking fulfilling careers.
  • Involving multiple stakeholders, such as HR, business unit leads, and team members, in the recruitment and hiring process. This can help identify candidates who not only possess technical expertise but also align with the organisation’s culture and values.
  • Offering flexible work arrangements, for example remote, hybrid or flexible working, is an attractive proposition for technology professionals seeking an good work-life balance. Embracing these arrangements can broaden the pool of talent and also increase employee satisfaction.
  • Providing ongoing opportunities for professional growth is essential for attracting and retaining skilled IT professionals. CIOs and CTOs should invest in coaching and mentoring, training and accreditations to enhance their team’s skills and support them to keep up to date with industry trends.
  • Partnering with local universities and colleges can establish a pipeline of talented graduates. Offering internships, apprenticeships, and mentorship programmes can provide valuable hands-on experience to aspiring IT professionals. This partnership also nurtures future talent for the organisation.
  • Ensuring competitive compensation packages is crucial for attracting and retaining skilled professionals. Additionally, offering a flexible benefits package that allows staff to select from a range of options that appeal to them can make your offering more attractive.
  • Delivering the best possible candidate experience at recruitment stage, interviewing at pace, making timely hiring decisions and always feeding back on the outcome of interviews. Each interaction presents an opportunity to enhance or diminish your employer brand.

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