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Hiring in a candidate driven market

In the current candidate driven market its essential that you move quickly to make the best hire. The market has changed, organisations need to review their hiring process and speed up the time between attracting candidates, interviewing and making an offer. 

Our advice is if the candidate in front of you has the skills, experience and approach that fit your needs, then make an offer. This may be the first person you meet, especially if your hiring partner has created a strong short list.  

Here are a few points to consider in order to make a successful hire in the current market.

Be clear on your requirement

If the requirements are clear and concise this will help you to focus on the essential skills and experience that you need. Make sure that you involve all stakeholders at the outset.

Drill down on the detail such as essential technical and soft skills, as well as budget and expectations around location and time required onsite.

Sell the opportunity

What makes your organisation a great place to work? Be clear on your offering.

This should include an overview of ways of working, such as hybrid and flexible working as well as benefits associated with the role where applicable.  

Research market rate  

Benchmark, then set a realistic budget. This will ensure that you can compete for, and retain, the best talent.

If your budget doesn’t match your requirement, it’s time to review and refine both elements.   

Establish a timeline – and stick to it

Set a timeline, ringfence diary slots to review candidate profiles and interview. Establish milestones in your hiring process in order to measure progress.

Consider a one stage interview process. 

Make a decision

Act quickly, especially when you know you’re interested in a candidate.

Even if you haven’t made a decision yet, follow up with the candidate often. The likelihood is that they will be actively interviewing. Give a clear timeframe and stay connected.   

Hire and onboard

Your onboarding process makes a big difference in how successful your new hire is within your organisation.

First, be prompt in issuing necessary paperwork to make the hire. Plan an induction, issue equipment, set up system access, schedule intro meetings – you want the first impression of working with your organisation to be a positive one.